Whenever a new user registers on a WordPress site then two emails are automatically sent. One is sent to the site admin and another to the newly registered user. There are no built in settings in WordPress to alter the content and design of user signup email.

The design and content of these emails is pretty basic. However with the free Visual Email Builder plugin you can fully customize these emails. The email sent to the user contains login credentials ( username and link to set password ). The email sent to site admin contains only the username of the newly registered user.

Visual Email Builder

What is Visual Email Builder?

Visual Email Builder is a free WordPress plugin. It is a drag and drop builder which gives you full freedom to design your email  template. It supports more than 15 different WordPress notifications. You don’t need any coding skills to use the builder.

In this article we will learn how to use the Visual Email Builder to change the content of a user’s signup email and create designs as per your requirements. If you want to change the email which is sent to admin check the article here.

Different Ways in Which WordPress User Signup Email can be Customized

Ready to Use Signup Email Template: You don’t have to start from scratch when building a new template for a user’s signup email. You can select the template we have created for you and customize it as per your liking by changing colors, text, adding/removing the different email blocks. There is a built in template or you can also get the WP Email Templates pack to add more premium templates to the plugin.

Change Email Subject of User Signup Email:

By default the email header for the user’s email is set to ‘[global_site_title]:Your username and password info’. You can change this to any wording you like by altering the text of the ‘Email Subject’ field of Visual Email Builder.

user signup Email Subject

Change Email Body of User Signup Email:

Visual Email Builder gives you a pre-made email template which contains data from WordPress. You can customize the content of the premade template or you can make a new email template from scratch using drag and drop builder. You can add fields such as text, button, image, social elements, divider etc in your email template. Typography, decorations and dimension of each field can be customized.

user signup Email body

Adding additional header information to User Signup Email:

If you would like to add/alter from name, from email, CC and BCC then that can be done by enabling ‘Additional Email Fields’ field in Visual Email Builder.

Additional Email Fields

Adding dynamic data in User Signup Email:

You can add a placeholder for site name, site url, user name, login url etc  in your email templates using shortcodes. These shortcodes will be dynamically replaced when email is sent. Shortcodes can be used in Email Subject, From Name field in email header and in text block and button in email template body. 

Let’s say you have used [password_url] shortcode in the email body. Then it will be automatically replaced with the actual password reset URL ( which is unique for each user ) when the email is sent. 


Preview User Signup Email Template:

You can preview your email templates using the ‘Send me a Test Email’ button.
Note: The shortcuts aren’t replaced in the preview email and they will show as it is.

Test Email

Additional Templates: 

To add more templates install the addon ‘Wp Email Templates’. We are currently providing a pack of 5 ready to use templates and will continue to add more packs.

Additional templates

If you need any help, feel free to contact us.