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How to Create a New Email Template for Notification

Creating email templates for different notifications is fast and simple using Visual Email Builder.

Creating New Template:

  • To add a new email template navigate to ‘Visual Email Builder’ in the admin sidebar and click on ‘Add New’ menu item under this.
  • Add title to your post. This title will not be shown anywhere in the template.
  • After this, set your trigger for a new notification in the ‘Notification For’ field.
  • Email subject changes according to the trigger in the post or you can change it by yourself.
  • Checking the ‘Additional Email Fields’ allows you to add From Name, From Email, CC and BCC in the email header.
  • Now click on ‘Select Template’ accordion and select the default template. It will open the editor.
  • In the default template the text field has content related to the selected email type.
  • You can customize the content and style of the email template using the drag and drop editor by yourself.
  • After this, update the post and your email template is ready to use.

You can check for any issue in the design of  your email template by using Send Me a Test Email feature. This will send an email to the currently logged in user. The shortcodes will not change to content in the test email.

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